Rūta Zuokaitė, lawyer at the Rūta Pumputienė law firm, describes the fight against falsified medicines

Her commentary “Fight against falsified medicines: relevant medicine control developments” was published in the daily Lietuvos žinios.

“One of the essential innovations is a unique identifier on the ingredients (with some exceptions) and on the outer packaging of some non-prescription medicines. It has to be a unique sequence carried out by a two-dimensional bar code that allows for the identification and validation of the individual packaging, and a protective device to determine if the package has been opened,” suggested R. Zuokaitė.

Read more in Lithuanian at: https://www.lzinios.lt/lzinios/zenpr/r-zuokaite-kova-pries-falsifikuotus-vaistus-aktualios-naujoves-vaistu-kontroles-srityje-/258144