Rūta Pumputienė’s interview for PharmaBoardroom

Rūta Pumputienė, Head of the Local American Working Group (LAWG), during the interview with PharmaBoardroom, explained the main dynamics impacting the pharmaceutical sector in general, as well as the key role of the LAWG in supporting the better access to innovative treatments.

“The absence of a well-defined state medicine policy and the lack of innovative medicines in Lithuania are common topics amongst the research-based companies in Lithuania. What are your conclusions in this regard?” asked PharmaBoardroom.

R. Pumputienė answered, “Until now, access to innovative medicines in Lithuania has been among the worst, whilst the generic and out-of-patent medicines were among the most expensive in Europe. Moreover, in 2016 almost 50 percent of the entire healthcare budget was spent on these medicines alone. As Lithuania’s population, among many others in the West, continues to decrease and age, fostering innovation in the Lithuanian healthcare system has become a must, not a luxury.”

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