Rūta Pumputienė’s commentary “Innovative Lithuania – is it really coming soon?” for the journal IQ: The Economist

The Head of the Local American Working Group (LAWG), Rūta Pumputienė, wrote a commentary for the journal IQ: The Economist about Lithuania’s intentions to become a hub for the Life Sciences.

“We can find some insights in the media, which is trying to predict whether Lithuania will succeed in becoming a hub for the Life Sciences by 2020,” wrote R. Pumputienė.

However, R. Pumputienė also noted what needs to be done: “Until the proper environment for the innovation ecosystem is created, i.e. the favourable conditions for all the elements of the Life Sciences or for a chosen particular area, where the goal to lead is set, the vision of becoming the European centre of the Life Sciences is impracticable.”

Read more in Lithuanian at: https://naujienos.alfa.lt/leidinys/iq/inovatyvi-lietuva-ar-tikrai-jau-netrukus/