Rūta Pumputienė writes a commentary for the news website DELFI reviewing the plans of the political parties for innovation in the healthcare sector

The Head of the Local American Working Group (LAWG), as well as a law partner, Rūta Pumputienė, has analysed the party programmes and identified what changes can be expected in the healthcare sector.

“The programmes of the political parties focus on increasing transparency in the medicine policies, including the public medicine reimbursement process, and creating transparent prescriptions of medicines. The excessively bureaucratic, artificially-created, complex, non-transparent and non-public decision-making procedures for medicine reimbursements have created a favourable environment for corruption, which promotes a reasonable distrust towards the Lithuanian healthcare system. However, to improve the transparency, the people responsible for the reimbursement of medicinal products have to become more independent,” opined R. Pumputienė.

Read more in Lithuanian at: https://www.delfi.lt/sveikata/sveikatos-naujienos/panagrinejo-partiju-programas-kokiu-naujoviu-galime-tiketis-sveikatos-srityje.d?id=72622832