Rūta Pumputienė is quoted in an article “At the ‘Healthcare innovation forum’ there is praise for Lithuanian scientists & criticism for Lithuanian policy makers” in the weekly Lithuania’s Health

At one of the most important events in the Lithuanian pharmaceutical industry, the Healthcare Innovation Forum, health policymakers, scientists, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, representatives of public institutions and investors in the field of Life Sciences from Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom gathered together.

Rūta Pumputienė, Head of the Local American Working Group (LAWG), started the forum by saying: “Innovations in the field of medicinal products for human use have made it possible for patients to receive treatment that could not have been imagined several decades ago. But in the case of many diseases, adequate treatment is still lacking, and there is a continuing need for innovations to develop new medicines. If innovative medicines companies and other stakeholders (such as universities, academics and other investors) do not carry out very important research, as well as investing in it and commercialising it, we will not receive these benefits.”

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