Rūta Pumputienė is quoted in an article about the lack of innovations in Lithuania’s health sector for the news website lrytas.lt

The Head of the Local American Working Group (LAWG), Rūta Pumputienė, was quoted in the article “Again at the end of the European list: every Lithuanian is angry about it, but the situation may be even worse” for the news website lrytas.lt.

“The biggest problem is that the funds are planned without any clear picture of the citizens’ long-term needs. In fact, in a such small country as Lithuania, it would not be difficult to count how many people will suffer from one or another illness, to predict both the genetic heredity and other diseases, and to plan how much and what treatments are needed at least a few years ahead of time. This could help in avoiding painful cases where the state simply cannot help people with serious illnesses,” said R. Pumputienė.

Read more in Lithuanian at: https://sveikata.lrytas.lt/medicinos-zinios/2017/04/21/news/vel-europos-uodegoje-kiekvienas-lietuvis-del-to-siunta-bet-situacija-gali-buti-dar-liudnesne-876766/?utm_source=lrExtraLinks&utm_campaign=Copy&utm_medium=Copy