R. Pumputienė 15MIN komentavo apie naujos vaistų kompensavimo tvarkos pliusus ir minusus

Kontoros partnerė ir Amerikos prekybos rūmų komiteto farmacijos klausimams „Local American Working Group“ vadovė Rūta Pumputienė portale „15min English“ pateikė komentarą apie naują vaistų kompensavimo tvarką, jos pliusus, minusus ir galimybes šią tvarką tobulinti ateityje.

„In general, the direction in which Lithuanian decision-makers are going is correct, especially in terms of facilitating the dialogue and listening to the arguments of all involved stakeholders. All stakeholders – the evaluators of medicines reimbursement, industry representatives, as well as doctors are interested in helping patients get well as soon as possible. This cannot be achieved without a fast-reacting, non-bureaucratic medicines’ reimbursement system, which focuses on facts and promotes innovation. <…> The world, science, and innovations are quickly moving forward, and decision-makers have to move forward with them. Only this way Lithuanian patients will be provided with an opportunity to get access to the newest, most effective medicines, and it will be a few, rather than ten years until these medicines reach Lithuanian patients.“

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